Adult strabismus can be distressing and very disabling. Double vision (diplopia) and an unacceptable appearance may negatively impact work, prevent driving, and affect relationships, social life, and self esteem.

There are a variety of causes, including neurological disorders, thyroid eye disease, childhood strabismus, trauma and many others.

Our ophthalmologists have undergone advanced training in assessment of adults with strabismus, including difficult cases and those who have had previous surgery.

A comprehensive eye examination, with emphasis on the ocular motility examination, is performed to determine the underlying cause. Examination is tailored to each patient. Sensory testing is vital to determine if a patient with double vision has the potential to fuse images into a single image, especially if surgery is anticipated.

Treatments include prisms, Botox (botulinum toxin), exercises, occlusion and surgery. Successful strabismus surgery can relieve diplopia and visual confusion, restore or establish depth perception, expand the visual field, eliminate an abnormal head posture, and improve appearance, self esteem and employability.

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